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All too often, I have watched Realtors, Loan Officers, and  Business Owners struggle to create the lifestyle they have always wanted. Creating the Ultimate Lifestyle is a huge challenge! But, this is one of the main reasons entrepreneurs go into business for themselves. To have more time to do the things they love AND to make more money than they could working a job for someone else. Now, they put in 80+ hours a week working for themselves, so they don’t have to work 40 hours a week for someone else!

My passion AND the purpose for Phoenix Leadership Group, is to help all of the Realtors, Loan Officers, and Business Owners I know solve this challenge. It is exhilarating for me to help clients begin to create the lifestyle they want, including profitability, ability to control their time, reduced stress, and personal growth.

Here is an all too common story I hear from clients:

“I run from one crisis to the next, hoping for a 15-minute break somewhere during the day to stuff some food down my throat before something else comes up. I meet up with a client and when I get done, I have 12+ voicemails waiting for me to respond. My employee has called in sick for the day, so I get to cover their responsibilities in addition to my own. Probably will be a late night! And, my spouse just called, the dishwasher broke, my daughter needs to see the dentist, and the car needs to go to the shop because it is making that high-pitched squealing again!”

Sound familiar? Welcome to life as an entrepreneur!!

Sadly, this is the reality for too many business professionals!

If only you could:

  • start getting ahead and put money away for emergencies AND retirement!
  • find the right kinds of clients, the ones who like you and are willing to pay for your services.
  • hire committed employees, the ones who want to show up and work hard every day.
  • take some well-deserved vacation, without worrying about work the entire time you are away.

Well, the good news is that ALL of this IS possible! The bad news is, you must make some changes. Everything you dream about CAN happen, but to transform your business, you will HAVE to transform yourself! This is the secret to Phoenix Leadership Group.

I help you figure out how to make this Transformation a Reality! Regardless of where you are struggling, we can help!

Here are just a few of the areas I help transform for my clients:

  • More leads, conversions, and sales
  • Time management challenges
  • Learn how to hire and train the right employees
  • How to leverage your time and skills
  • Take more time off and still increase profitability

Sound like a bunch of hype? I understand… I have been in your shoes! However, finding the “right” coach can make all the difference in the world! And, these challenges, and more, can be resolved with the proper strategy and systems.

At Phoenix Leadership Group, we believe that a proper foundation MUST be in place for Your business to survive and thrive. These foundation pieces are critical to the long-term success and profitability of Your company. It isn’t enough to simply put pieces together. These pieces must be properly created AND implemented in the proper order, then Your business will be poised for growth and success.

Need some direction on how to make your business more profitable? Click the link below for your FREE Rapid Results Call and spend 60 minutes telling me about your business. At the end of that time, you will have a minimum of 3 strategies that you can implement into your business right now! No pressure or hard sell. Simply straight-forward analysis of your business processes, marketing systems, and profitability. And, strategies that will help you transform You, Your Business, and Your Life!!

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Coaching Focus Areas


Take control of your time and calendar. Stop letting your business run your life!


Develop lead systems that bring you the clients you want to work with!


Learn how to increase your revenue, decrease your expenses, and use a budget. Hold your money accountable!

These are a few of the areas we focus on in our coaching programs. Have a challenge with any of these areas in you business? Click on the button below to schedule a Free call and figure out how coaching could improve your business!


Who is the next person you need to hire? Learn how to find and keep the right employees.


Raise your level of leadership and raise the leadership of your company.


Design and create the lifestyle you want to have. Learn how to have the life you dream about!

Happy Clients!

  • I have been coaching with Myan for the past 6 months. When we started, I was a bit skeptical about the results I would have and how it would help. This has been a valuable experience for me. I have worked through my business systems and have a better direction for where I am going. The coaching program forces me to improve on my business in some way every week. Without this accountability, I would not have improved on my own in the magnitude I have with Myan. My business has been more consistent and my income is increasing, while my stress is decreasing! Very worthwhile having Myan as my coach!

    Patrick Joos
    Patrick Joos Keller Williams/Realtor
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Myan for 2 years.  He is brilliant and solution based.  He has a wide breadth of knowledge and a strong business mind.  He is continually looking at improvements; how to take things to the next level.  He owns 3 businesses himself and is an incredible leader in all of them.  He is one of the most successful Regional Partners in an entrepreneurial based networking organization called Master Networks. The growth in his region is phenomenal due to his leadership skills, his drive and ability to leverage himself appropriately.  He paves the way for the rest of the Regional Partners and sits on the Founder’s Counsel as a leader. His coaching skills are rock solid and with the experience he has had with running several businesses he brings real life experiences to any client, and shares tools, techniques, processes, and systems to all business owners he coaches.  You are guaranteed to go beyond your goals when working with Myan.  I have worked with and trained many coaches and what you need to know is that Myan is one of the best coaches I have met and worked with!  He is always learning, innovative, a voracious reader and constantly grows through his own personal development and the mentors and coaches he has for himself.  He is a true student of the game.  I highly recommend working with Myan to take your business to the next level.  Be ready to work, be accountable and have some fun as you grow!  

    Kathy Chruma
    Kathy Chruma Business Coach
  • I have worked with Myan on many different levels and through those experience have seen one common theme.  Myan leads with a servant heart and his ability to help others discover their internal potential is truly a gift.  He is patient with his clients but has a unique skill of getting them into action quickly to produce tangible results.  In fact, he is currently working with another colleague of mine in the real estate industry.  That client has experienced tremendous growth in a short time, not only with his business but also personally.  This growth can be directly related to Myan's ability to help his clients not only implement systems but create their ideal week and spend time on the most effective activities.  Myan's proven track record and future vision for his company makes him one of the industries best coaches!

    Corey Baumann
    Corey Baumann Master Networks/Business Coach

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