Why Myan & Phoenix Leadership Group?

     Over 15 Years of Entrepreneurial Success!


Myan is the Founder of Phoenix Leadership Group, Owner of the Utah Region of Master Networks, and has been a successful entrepreneur for over 15 years. Has been responsible for developing and training 100+ business owners in his region and area. His leadership and training are increasing the revenue and the profit of the members of these chapters and improving their systems and processes.

Associate Broker & Realtor

He has been in the Real Estate industry since 2010. Was named Rookie of the Year in 2011 by the Salt Lake Board of Realtors. Has successfully participated in over 150 transactions and over $33 million in sales of real estate. He consistently grew his business each year and developed and created highly effective systems to become a referral based business, with over 95% of his sales coming from referrals, past clients, and sphere of influence.

Volunteer Work

Dedicated to community and church work throughout his life. Myan led a group of church members and volunteers to grow their membership participation by over 200%. Was instrumental in guiding, training, facilitating, and growing organization and individual members during this time.


In addition to his practical business experience, Myan earned a MBA from the University of Phoenix. His unique blend of education and real world business success, provides a strong perspective of how entrepreneurs work and succeed. His ability to analyze businesses and focus on the areas that truly make a difference, help his clients transform their business into profitable operations with predictable results.

Devoted Husband and Father

Myan has been happily married to Ana for over 18 years! He has two beautiful children who came to their family through the miracle of adoption. He and Ana have a profound love of the adoption process and love to share their stories about how adoption has blessed their lives. He participated in sports during his youth, particularly wrestling, and loves competition. He loves to read all types of books, workout, play sports, spend time creating memories with his family, woodworking, and building friendships.

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